Everyone’s got a dark side. Whether you believe it’ll land you in a fiery abyss after you die (assuming you believe in Hell, that is) is up to you.  All the same, nobody is perfect.
Some of us lead troubled lives, some of us harbor troubling thoughts and some of us just  can’t avoid trouble if we tried.

Assuming there’s a Hell, and assuming there are 9 levels of it (or circles, as it were), which one do you think you’d end up in?
We’ve all got our demons — and some of them may very well be waiting for us at the end of our lives.
Keep reading to find out which circle of Hell you’d end up in, according to your Zodiac.
Aquarius: Limbo (the first circle). You’re an innocent enough kind of person, and for that, the fates are going to take it easy on you. What you have going against you is that you’ve led a life without any form of spirituality, and therefore you must suffer in the most dull of all circles. Sure, the other ones might literally be living nightmares, but at least they keep you busy. Eternity is going to be so boring.
Aries: Lust (the second circle): If it makes you feel good, you’ll take it. That’s your M.O. You never had the intention of hurting anyone along the way — you’ve just never gave that idea a second thought. You like to feel good, but that can get you into trouble. And it likely has. Which is why you’re baking away in Hell with all of the other salacious sinners.
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