Your twin flame is a person you are destined to feel connected to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually too and who encourages growth and personal exploration. Meeting them should mean the end of anymore love drama, but unfortunately, it’s not.
Even a twin flame relationship has its struggles and however well you’re suited, it’s never going to be the “perfect” union you may expect.

On average twin flame relationships will pass through at least five stage before finding everlasting happiness. While they might not apply to all couples these stages are commonly experienced by those when they meet the “one”.


Ever had your heart broken? Apparently, it’s all just a learning experience you have to go through before meeting your twin flame. Karmic relationships are usually painful, devastating and tend to be emotional affairs that end badly. But, they do get you ready for your twin flame, so are worth it in the end.
Getting your heart broken makes more people long for meeting “the one” and even create an ideal person in your head. You might not know it, but that dream image is usually your twin-flame and usually, comes into mind because you’ll soon meet them.


The next stage is meeting your twin flame and it might not be love at first sight scenario you would imagine.
Usually, you will find your twin flame in unusual circumstances, where you will never have imagined meeting a partner. You might not even consider them to be the kind of person you would ever be with, but there’s no point fighting it because this attraction is inevitable.
Thanks to your previous toxic relationships, you may be reluctant to get involved with someone and resist their advances, but you will soon fall for them and hard. Once together the initial honeymoon period will be total bliss and your relationship will be perfect. But, not for long.


After being with your twin flame for a while you will enter the third stage of your relationship and it’s not a fun one. This stage will see you deal with your issues and personal demons. Twin-flames need a deep cleanse to let them achieve higher energy levels and ascend in bliss together.
This stage will see negativity and lower emotions come to the surface and allow both flames to become more enlightened.
In an effort to bring issues to the surface and to deal with them properly there may be quite a few difficult arguments. Both will be guilty of playing the “blame game”, putting their own issues on their twin flame.
In this stage couples usually take on one of two roles the runner and the chaser. The runner will try to put distance between themselves and their partner as they attempt to regain control over their emotions. The chaser, upset by this will make more effort to try and resolve the problems.
While this might not seem like the most enjoyable experience, it’s an essential one when it comes to getting rid of the negative clutter in a relationship. In short, you deal with your issues so you can become closer to your partner.


If you manage to get through stage three, then you will be rewarded in stage four when the split soul becomes whole again. Physically, emotionally and spiritually you will be back together and able to achieve a higher level of unity. This can only happen when both partners are fully aware of their spiritual reality.


Only after going through those four stages can you arrive at being in complete love. This is when the enlightened and spiritually aware twin flames can finally achieve their happily ever after.
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