Nobody actually knows the true purpose of life, but there are many hints, ideas, theories and even conspiracies about it. However, according to Ancient Sanskrit, there are 9 rules to being a human; read them and you might just learn a little something about this thing we call life.

Many people believe the purpose of life is love, and they are constantly searching for their soulmate. Then there are people who believe the only purpose in life is to learn, and they travel the world soaking up knowledge like a sponge. There are so many ideas and theories that apply to the overwhelming question; why do we exist?
To some, the question may seem like a simple one to answer, but it is more complicated than it looks!
The lessons offered by this ancient text are obvious and most are centered around being open to learning new experiences and having no ego. The principles are similar to those of Buddhism and various other Eastern Religions. Hopefully, these rules will shed a little light on the subject of life…

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